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Summer 2020

Hi !!!

First of all, we hope you and your loved ones are all well.

Here, with the return of spring, we are busy preparing for the season that is shaping up to be somewhat unusual... Nevertheless, our enthusiasm remains intact and the idea of meeting new people and seeing our regulars again is a source of great excitement for us. We will do our utmost to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Our swimming pool is in its final phase and the landscaping of the surroundings is also in progress. Pictures are coming soon.

As you probably know, Greece has been little impacted by COVID-19 due to an anticipated and rather well managed reaction by the Greek authorities.

So how is the summer going to go?

All shops will be open including bars and restaurants, health measures and social distancing will be applied, including at home.

For those who have never been to Villa Pefkakia before, our reduced capacity (max 11 people) will allow you to spend a serene holiday in a quiet and protected environment. The kite spot is likely to be much less crowded which is finally a good thing!

In order to limit your travels and for those who wish we thought it would be nice to be able to enjoy meals delivered to Villa Pefkakia (option).

a tavern menu based on grilled meat

a traditional local dish of the day made by a woman from our village

a gourmet menu prepared by a renowned chef from Lefkada, directly in our outdoor kitchen.

To complete your kiteboarding activity, we also offer progression coaching (freestyle, old school) and initiation to foil for autonomous kiters.

(Beginners lessons cannot be guaranteed).

And, if you are motivated with a good level of kiting you will have the opportunity to live an exceptional day on a catamaran and to kite in the open sea with a coach to assist you and keep you safe.

(Details and price list in the CAT & KITE day cruise tab) see on the website.

For relaxation, we can organize Yoga sessions and also massage sessions, by professionals.

Soon I will post on our website the rates for all these services.

For the moment we are still in confinement, from the 4th of May the situation will start to unlock little by little.

From then on we hope to know more about airplane and ferry boat transport.

We wish you all good luck, take care.

And as our Swiss friends say, "All the best."

Christine and Yves

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